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This effect Andy uses in his show if you seen Andy show you know how extremely wonderful this piece of magic is and he has been doing this routine for 25 years now and is proud to carry Terry Lunsford's Pro Viper.

Note: this is a special order item please allow between 2:00 and 3 weeks for delivery

This is Terry's newest effect and it received rave reviews when he debuted it at The Magic Castle and at the San Diego Zoo. A volunteer is asked if he (or she) would like to learn a magic trick. He is given a regular deck of cards which he takes into the audience, asking a second volunteer to choose a card. The second spectator is instructed to tear off and keep a corner of the card for identification purposes and return the torn card to the deck. The first volunteer returns with the cards, which are placed on a table next to a basket. The volunteer is instructed on how to coax the assistant, a snake, to reveal the chosen card. Your hand never goes in the basket! At the end of the routine the snake jumps from the basket, producing the chosen card on the end of its snout. The surprise is total! This routine NEVER fails to leave the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter!

5 Reasons NOT to buy a Viper

1. I try to keep applause to a minimum

2. If it always works, where's the challenge?

3. My audiences have too much fun as it is.

4. What? You have to push a button?

5. Standing ovations throw off my timing.

Includes wicker snake basket, spring snake, remote, device, carry bag and instructional DVD.

Basket Dimensions Approximately: 8.5" x 12"

Spring Snake Length Approximately: 44"

Pro viper.

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