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Magician & Illusionist Andy Amyx

Andy Amyx is known around the world for his dazzling and thrilling style of comedy magic and illusions. His peers such as Lance Burton applaud his enhanced style, comedy and technique, which has fascinated many for years. His exceptional reputation in the magic industry has enabled his success.


Andy's first exposure to magic was in 1978 when his uncle, an original "Bozo The Clown", gave him a deck of playing cards. Andy was intrigued with what he could do with only a deck of cards. He became fascinated with magic and he was eager to learn more. After many years of performing for family, friends, schools, and local organizations, Andy began studying at the Chavez College of Magic in La Verne, California. There he achieved the Chavez Certificate of Prestidigitation. Andy continued to perfect his magic by creating his own style of music, manipulation, and original costume.


Soon he received his first award in magic from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. he took first place for his incredible stage act. This lead to other awards such as First Place at the Society of American Magicians for having the Best Manipulation Act and in later was asked to perform at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Since his first performance at the Magic Castle Andy has become one of the few favorites who regularly perform there.

Eventually was chosen for a six-month contract at the Musgi Resorts in Japan. Since then Andy has returned to perform in Japan on numerous other occasions. In addition to Andy's international appearances he has had the pleasure of performing in Guam, The Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, Wizards in Universal City, Bally's in Las Vegas, and The Riviera in Las Vegas.


Andy has performed for private events held by Alanis Morissette, Julia Roberts,  Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, the cast of "That 70's Show" and many others. Andy's talents have also been used for television commercials such as for Kia and Infiniti Car Corporation. Andy has also been a consultant for several music videos most recently two videos for Madonna. His creative influences and training of doves and pigeons where used to improve and enhance the effects of the videos.


In addition to his ability to perform Andy is also an instructor and renowned lecturer. Andy is a frequent instructor at the Chavez College of Magic and continues to teach private sessions with many students of magic outside of the program. Andy is proud to admit that several of his students have won numerous awards in different magic competitions around the world. Andy has also produced teaching and instructional videos and products for magicians which are distributed worldwide.


Andy's future plans include continuing to entertain audiences around the world. His goals as a performer are to eventually set sail creating a contemporary spin on classic magic for those traveling by sea. Andy sums it up by saying: "I love being an entertainer, you never know the joy of being able to bring a smile to a stranger's face."

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