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Andy Amyx presents the Complete Beginner's Dove Magic Package. This comes with everything you will need to perform amazing dove magic! Make no mistake about it, the items in this package are the same that working professionals use and pay a lot of money for separately.


You will get:


  • Doves 101 DVD
  • 2 Pro Dove Pockets
  • 1 Ultra Quick Release Dove Holder
  • 1 Invisible Dove Harness
  • 1 Spool of Pro Dove Wire


What People Are Saying:


"An excellent resource to start off the complex and secret ways of professional dove magic on the right foot..."

- Dan Sperry


"Superior for the beginner or the seasoned professional..."

- Lance Burton


"Anyone interested in learning the all-important fundamentals of dove magic will benefit from this..."

- Dale Salwak, Chavez College of Magic


Doves 101 Starter Kit by Andy Amyx

Standard Holder/Silk Color Request:
Special Color Dove Holder/Silk Request (+25)
  • Every Doves 101 Starter Kit doves holder comes as a standard color - custom or specific colors may be requested/manufactured at an additional cost.  Please specify at time of order.

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