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This is one of Andys favorite routines. You have a card selected (blue back deck of cards) then place back into the pack. Then you proceed to have a young lady blow a kiss at the pack of cards. Telling her that she now has made one card blush. As you spread through the cards you come across one card that now has a red back. You ask the young lady what was her card as she tells you, you turn that red card over it is her card. But that's just beginning. You place that card face down in her hand. You have her select another card and that card is placed back into the pack and then you ask her to blow a kiss once again towards the pack telling her that she made one card blush again. This time as you spread through the cards you cannot locate the red card. Then you proceed to look at her and tell her I did say that you made one card blush as you look down at her hand to give her a sign to turn that card over it has now changed to her secondary card choice and not only is it her secondary card choice it now has an impression of her lips on the card. This card routine is guaranteed to have your audience freak out! And the card that she ends up with is there souvenir. This routine comes with instructional video download

Red Hot Blush

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